ABC unfazed by its members defections

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By Mamello Mosaefane

All Basotho Convention (ABC) Spokesperson Montoeli Masoetsa says the party has gained masses of new members following sensational defections of some of its Members of parliament and musicians.

Masoetsa said the arty is not bothered by the defections as they are a norm but has in some instances worked in the party’s favor to lose some of its members of parliament.

Among the party legislators who have since defected to other parties is the Stadium Area constituency legislator Mokherane Tsatsanyane; Sello Mooki, member of parliament Bobatsi constituency.

The duo defected to former Deputy Prime Minister Monyane Moleleki’s party in June, and increased Alliance of Democrats parliamentary numbers from 11 to 13, leaving ABC with 50. The defection also assisted Moleleki to secure the position of Official Leader of Opposition breaking a tie the party had with Lesotho Congress for Democracy.

Upon their defection, the duo mentioned their dissatisfaction with the ABC leadership, with Tsatsanyane pointing out that the party was not fulfilling his need of taking care of former Prime Minister Thomas Thabane as former Prime Minister.

Also defecting from the ABC is Mphuthi Nthako, an ABC singer, who is said to be leaving ABC to join AD.

AD spokesperson, Thuso Litjobo said he cannot verify or deny this as Nthako has not officially joined the party.

“I cannot verify or deny that Nthako is joining AD as he has not officially joined. I have only seen that circulating on social media. Nothing tangible confirms it,” emphasized Litjobo.

But Masoetsa, said Nthako has long left ABC with Tsatsanyane to join AD.

Masoetsa told KDNews that as many leave ABC there are many more that are joining. He added after Tsatsanyane and Mooki left, 104 people joined ABC, together with 3 from Mooki’s constituency of Bobatsi that included community councilors.

The defections, Masoetsa mentioned, do not scare him at all, as this is a game that people keep playing in search of better job opportunities.

“More people are joining ABC too, while some are also joining DC because they are the parties in government and people are hoping to get jobs from either the catchment projects or home affairs where passports are made.” Said Masoetsa.

He further added that even Mamandla Musa, affectionately known as Mofumahali-oa-Teyateyaneng who has just left ABC to join the Democratic Congress, is probably looking forward to benefit somehow from the party because it is in the government too.

Famo artiste and Terene gang leader Retahbile Mokete, affectionately known as Khosi Mosotho Chakela, has allegedly defected from ABC also, dragging with him many singers of Famo music to DC.

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