ABC stalwarts launch new political outfit

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By Lerema Pheea

All Basotho Convention (ABC) stalwarts Futho Hoohlo and Katiso Phasumane launched a new political party yesterday following the party’s elective conference.

The party’s interim committee also consists of former members of the Basotho National Party (BNP), another from Reformed Congress Lesotho (RCL).

Phasumane, the interim party leader, said their intention as a party is to champion Lesotho’s economic emancipation and they will never give false hopes to the electorate.

He said he left ABC even before the host of the conference because they were tormenting each other and they were losing the trend.

He said ABC’s founding leader Thomas Thabane had on countless occasions said the party’s core values were lost and its focus had been derailed.

“We only want to see one thing, job creation, not being hired. Lesotho needs to have growth of a private sector from small, medium, micro-business that do not have access to finance, but we believe we can make that a reality” Phasumane said.

He said the partial credit guarantee scheme which demands businesses to have enough money and a proposal that will convince banks before accessing financing has failed and must be reengineered.

He said the country ought to enable small and micro-businesses to grow through Basotho Enterprise Development Corporate (BEDCO).

“Most of the political parties do only campaign and win elections but left out BEDCO for the growth of the small and micro-business.

“We exhort people to come to the table with us and solve the problems,” said Phasumane

He said that because of lack of job creation, people only become volunteers and freelancers.

He further said that as the EMB they only want Basotho to come with their skill so that they will be able to participate in the growth of the country with what they have.

He added that Lesotho National Development Corporation (LNDC) must empower and support Basotho with bankable proposals by allowing them to have partnerships with foreign companies in order to mentor Basotho businesses.

He said most of the problems the country is facing, are only because everything politicized and therefore the government is corrupted but the EMB vision is to depoliticize and professionalize the public service.