ABC leader preaches unity and scolds unruly

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By Keneuoe Mabitso

All Basotho Convention leader Nkaku Kabi has called for unity within the party and urged for members to reconcile their differences in order to ensure the party regains its erstwhile glory come election time.

Kabi told party cadres who attended his Maputsoe held a rally that in comes October 2022 elections the ABC will make a debut comes back and will bounce back to the government.

But Kabi said in order for them to be government once again they must handle matters and deal with them properly.

The ABC leader ahead of the 2022/2023 financial year budgetary estimates presentation to parliament tried to take over the government and depose Prime Minister Moeketsi Majoro following his party leadership race victory but failed. Kabi ended by instructing the party members of parliament to cross the floor to the Cross Benches while more than 20 members of parliament from the party remained on the government side in support of Prime Minister Majoro’s premiership.

“If there are ten of us standing here and the other five are not here with us, this means those who are not here should be brought back to our side. They should work with us and we should be seen to be working towards leading the government of Lesotho. Taking over the control of government requires numerical strength in parliament and you cannot gain it through alienating one another,” said Kabi.

Kabi further said by October ABC will take over the reins of power and “we will work hard to fulfil the promises we made to Basotho so that Basotho can live better lives than they are living today”.

He said, “I say that because everyone wants to elect ABC as government, but those who seem to be losing their tempers should not be applauded but should be warned that the vote of a person they are mocking can make a change when it comes to numbers in a parliament”.

Kabi was seemingly making reference to a statement by the Mafeteng constituency legislator Temeki Tsolo who attacked Prime Minister Majoro and his Ministers saying he would not recognise them when speaking at a handover ceremony of a community radio station building constructed by money lander Teboho Mojapela who is also Managing Director of JP Finance.

Kabi added that former Agriculture Minister Lišoane Litšoane has vast life experience as an elder person in the party, and we must listen to his advice and counsel.

“When listening to one radio station I heard a responsible person who is expected to lead the community, who knows the difference between good and bad things saying embarrassing things, and the ABCs ululates for them. He must stop embarrassing us,” Kabi said.

Kabi also said, he was with the chairman of the Lesotho Textile Employers and among the issues, they talked about was that factory workers were given a raise but that was not enough because they do everything with that money such as paying rent and transport.

He said there should be clear contracts such as when they go on maternity leaves, they must be given enough time, and be paid while at home.

Kabi urged party members not to be confused by the current storms rocking the party and said “they come and go, all we have to do is to make sure that Basotho live happy lives in their country”.