ABC executive rejects “fraudulent” constituents’ petitions

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By Mamello Mosaefane

All Basotho Convention (ABC) national executive committee has declined a request for a special conference, requested through petitions from 9 constituencies.

The petitioners are accusing party secretary-general, Lebohang Hlaele of being inept and having rundown the party’s administration since he took over the reins.

ABC spokesperson, Montoeli Masoetsa today KDNews the party’s executive received petitions from 9 constituencies requesting a special conference to deal with the secretary general’s poor performance.

While Masoetsa mentioned that a special conference is normally intended for the discussion of a special issue, he said he believes that those who handed the petitions have a different motive from what the letters suggest.

According to Masoetsa, the 9 letters from 9 constituencies suggest that, there should be a conference where the respective constituencies need to raise their concerns in Hlaele’s poor handling of the party issues.

The petitioners indicate that Hlaele, more often than not, spreads information of “his own” decisions and not those of the executive.

Masoetsa, however, said such petitions will not be replied to as they have proven to be “fraudulent”.

“When letters are handed to the NEC, that means the constituency committee has met to agree on the agenda.

“This however was not the case with 5 of the letters as the secretaries and chairpersons of the constituency committees did not know a thing about the letters and their contents,” Masoetsa said.

Therefore, Masoetsa said the petitions were labeled “fraudulent” and “street letters”.

Furthermore, Masoetsa said ABC’s executive has learned that the petitions have been written by Mokhotlong legislator Tefo Mapesela’s clique in the party.

Mapesela is also a minister of agriculture and food security.

“We have found that those letters were written in Mapesela’s office. They all have the same format; with the signature and constituency being the only difference,” said Masoetsa.

Among the letters as Masoetsa mentioned, is the one from Mokhotlong #79 constituency; in which Mapesela is a constituent.

Attempts to confirm with Mapesela about the letters being written in his office failed, as he could not be reached on his cell phone.

KDNews has learned ABC’s infighting remains at its height and the party is divided on who should lead the party to the upcoming elections.

Masoetsa mentioned that one of the reasons the special conference will not be allowed is because those who want it will bring the issue of electing the leader up amid it not being the right time and cause chaos in the party.

“We know how these people work. They say they want to lay complaints about the secretary-general, but the next thing you know they will be dropping that and demanding for the selection of the leader who will be leading ABC into the elections,” Masoetsa said.

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