A snapshot of Majoro’s blueprint

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Mamello Mosaefane

Prime Minister Dr Moeketsi Majoro has revealed in a televised national address his coalition government masterplan revealing he will dwell more on promoting national unity, stability, rule of law, national reforms and stimulation of economic growth.

Majoro commencing his address by praising his predecessor, former Prime Minister Thomas Thabane for having handled the transition of power to him diligently. He said this has shown true leadership and major political prowess of Thabane.

Majoro said it is evident that his government joined governance during Lesotho’s toughest times where it is faced with poverty and hunger, high crime rates that mostly include theft and murders as well as deadly diseases.

On COVID-19 pandemic, Majoro said he is going to overhaul the National Emergency Command Centre.

He stressed that more knowledgeable and skilled people need to be involved in the country fight against COVID-19.

Majoro said it is for that reason that he appointed Thabo Khasipe, the Lesotho Revenue Authority Chief Executive Officer, as the new Chief Executive Officer of National Command Centre for an unspecified period.

Khasipe, Majoro said will return to his revenue collection job as soon as he is done with the National Emergency Command Centre.

Furthermore, Majoro said he would be taking the baton from Communications Minister Thesele Maseribane who led the committee of ministers that formed part of the command centre together with the committee of principal secretaries.

Majoro also pledged on continuing with the promises made by the Thabane’s government in its fight against the COVID-19.

These, Majoro said includes M800 bail-out promised to textile and garments factory workers.

He also said his government would help owners of the rental building as well as other categories.

Meanwhile, Majoro also vowed to never seize the fight against HIV/AIDS until there are no more new infections.

Majoro emphasized that agriculture is the core of the country’s economy hence it is his government’s responsibility to ensure the production of food as well as its security.

According to Majoro, COVID-19 has exposed the dangers of depending on food importation from other countries and therefore said government will powerfully enter the summer farming for the year 2020-21 in collaboration with farmers.

He promised that his government would create markets for local farmers produce.

Furthermore, Majoro said clean water supply will be provided for both domestic use and irrigation. This he said will include the construction water harvesting dams.

While giving details of his blueprint, Majoro pleaded with Basotho to preserve arable land for farming and not to use it for building houses.

Animal farmers, Majoro said are not excluded too as he promised on improving their farming as well, wool, animal products, as well as the preservation of grazing lands.

Turning towards the fight against corruption, Prime Minister Majoro said it is cancer that has crippled Lesotho’s economy for many years.

He promised that his government will work hard to end corruption.

As a step to achieve this, Majoro said major government tenders are expected to show transparency and be economical.

Majoro further said government will promote local miners by buying necessary plant and machinery to promote their mining activities.

With the equipment available, the Prime Minister said Basotho will be given an opportunity to mine as well as sell diamonds locally.

Majoro said the country’s development needs public service, judiciary and law enforcement, oversight and accountability and strong institutions.

Majoro said all these oversight and governance sectors need empowerment, independence and freedom to work not under the influence of politics.

While the country undergoes reforms, the Premier stressed that his expectation is for the reformed institutions to emerge strong and independent.

He further added that he hopes the reforms will hopefully be completed by the end of 2020 so as to give time for the preparation of the next elections.

Independent Electoral Commission, Majoro said will also be brought back to life as there are re-elections needed for some constituencies in order to allow them to have representation in parliament.

Prime Minister also emphasized the need to address teachers’ dissatisfactions.

He also pledged to work together with teachers’ unions towards finding a solution for a severely deteriorated education of Lesotho.

According to Prime Minister Majoro, it is in the government’s interest to ensure good relations with neighbouring countries.

He pointed out that the new government has already made some progress in this as the government of Lesotho and South Africa has agreed on appointing ministers from both countries to deal with the boarders and trade issue.

Even though the government will be a major actor in the betterment of the country, Majoro pleaded to all the citizens to unite with government to build a comfortable Lesotho for all.

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